Every day, Americans die preventable deaths due to the greed of big pharma and the corporate healthcare industry.

Our climate is in crisis, and our leaders refuse to act.

The livelihoods of farmers and workers throughout our heartland are being needlessly devastated by tariffs and the trade war.

But no candidate can take on Joni Ernst and Donald Trump alone.


There is only one way we win — and that is together.

This U.S. Senate seat is one of the few considered "flippable".
And we have a real shot at landing a true progressive voice in the Senate.

So we're going to build one of the most unprecedented campaigns in history.


here's how you can help, no matter where you are:

1. Spread the message

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2. Sign up

We'll be building a volunteer force both within Iowa and across the country. Sign up below and we'll keep you posted on the campaign and opportunities to help.

3. Meet Kimberly

We are planning events across the state of Iowa. Want to meet Kimberly? Check out our events page here.

4. Join the support squad

We do not take corporate PAC or corporate lobbyist money, ever.

That means we rely 100% on grassroots donations.

Tap the "oust ernst" button and join this fight. Even $3 will help.