Meet Kimberly

I'm Kimberly Graham. I never thought in a million years I'd run for office. But it's time for a government "by the people, for the people."

Senator Joni Ernst campaigned on a promise to "make 'em squeal" in Washington D.C. and get rid of corruption, but the only people squealing are Iowans harmed by her votes.

Because our "By The People, For The People" campaign will be funded only by donors like you, and *never* by corporate PACS, the NRA or the Koch Brothers, I won't be influenced by lobbyists and companies whose only interest is increasing their wealth. Instead, I'll be representing the majority: you and Iowans who deserve better representation than you've been receiving.

What I've seen from Washington D.C. the last couple of years is the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer and the middle class shrinking. We need more people from working-class backgrounds serving in government, representing the majority of us and not mega-corporations. So I'm running for United States Senate.

I lived in rural Iowa longer than anyplace else, for 24 years. I chose to raise my son in Indianola.


My maternal great-great-grandfather had a farm in Zearing and my paternal grandmother was born in Mt. Ayr. My dad was one of 11 siblings born in Des Moines. He was a Marine, later a bridge-builder, and mom was a clerk at the phone company. Neither of them went to college but had good union jobs and worked hard to give my brother and me a solid working-class upbringing. 

I've been working since I was 14: in a dry cleaner, as a waitress, store clerk, and housecleaner. I worked my way through college. I wanted to help people for a living so I went to law school, paying my own way and taking out student loans. I still have student loan debt. Now I work as an advocate for abused or neglected kids in court.

Living in rural Iowa and raising my son, I watched as the furniture, clothing, shoe stores, and other businesses on the square closed after fast-food chains and mega-stores moved in.

I've watched farmers struggle with increasing costs while being paid less for crops, with fewer companies from which to purchase seed and being treated unfairly as our current president enacts tariff after tariff, harming family farms. Iowans want and deserve a level playing field and a real chance at thriving small towns and thriving cities.

I've watched medical insurance premiums, mine included, rise to the point that families are paying more for medical insurance than for housing. Many simply can't afford insurance anymore. Medical care costs of a serious illness are bankrupting families and forcing them to spend their life savings. It's not right, that in the wealthiest nation on earth, this is happening. 

In my work as the guardian ad litem and attorney for kids of participants in Family Treatment Court, I've watched the opioid and meth epidemics rip families apart and damage our communities. I've seen veterans return from service, experiencing trauma, and not receive services quickly or locally enough.

Iowans deserve better. As I mentioned above, Senator Ernst campaigned on a promise to "make 'em squeal" in Washington D.C. and get rid of corruption, but the only people squealing are Iowans harmed by her votes. I support major campaign finance reform and sweeping anti-corruption legislation to return our government to The People. We must get Big Money OUT of politics. No more politics as usual.

I'm running for U.S. Senate because the government should truly be "by the people, for the people." It should work for the benefit of the majority, not the small number of wealthy. I'm not worried about them. They'll be fine whether they have 50 million dollars a year income or 40 million. But I am worried about the rest of us.

We need Universal Single Payer Healthcare, farmers to be treated fairly, good jobs all over the state and a level playing field so monopolies can't destroy farms and small towns. Iowans need clean air and water, a justice system that treats everyone fairly and equally, and good public schools that provide the same high-quality education to all children, regardless of whether they live in Clive or Creston. We need representation in the U.S Senate that isn't bought by corporations, drug companies or any special interests.

My goal is to be the best senator money *can't* buy. Please join me in a movement For the People, By the People of Iowa.