A recently released video by the right wing group America Rising shows Kimberly asking one of their trackers for her address so she can be served with legal documents regarding her harassment of Kimberly and campaign staffers.  The video purposely leaves out important context. Here is that context:

Kimberly understands trackers come with running for office and has no problem with trackers who are truthful, respectful and polite. She has a very cordial relationship with Tom, the first America Rising tracker assigned to track her. Below is a video of Tom and Kimberly having a civil discussion at the Boone Democrats picnic last summer. Also below is the last time Kimberly saw Tom, in early 2020 in Hardin County after a campaign event in the parking lot, and she gave him a hug. 


The tracker in the Climate March video, Kelvey Vander Hart, is very different than Tom. 

She is the daughter of the conservative “Caffeinated Thoughts” blogger Shane Vander Hart.  (Mr. Vander Hart left the fact that Kelvey is his daughter out of his own article about the video.)


Kimberly’s campaign had multiple interactions with Kelvey prior to the Climate March, where the recent America Rising video was taken.

One of these interactions led to a police report being filed by someone (unknown to the Campaign) who overheard or witnessed Kelvey ambushing and yelling at Kimberly and her campaign staff in the parking lot of the privately owned Cornucopia Restaurant in Boone, where Kimberly had been speaking with voters. The police report (posted above) states that the person in the parking lot, which the owner of Cornucopia confirmed was Kelvey Vander Hart, "did not agree with the candidate and started yelling at them."


Kelvey was harassing and intimidating, approaching Kimberly and her staff in a dark parking lot at night after an event, and refusing to leave when asked to do so. Our campaign has multiple staff members who are transgender and we will not tolerate people like Kelvey, who wrote an anti-trans article, intimidating our staffers.


Despite repeated verbal requests from Kimberly that Kelvey leave the private property, campaign staff had to go back inside the restaurant to get the owner to tell Kelvey to leave before she finally left. The campaign obtained his written statement about the incident.


Kimberly has no issue with Tom, the prior America Rising tracker.  He is always respectful and truthful. Kelvey, however, has repeatedly lied to Kimberly and staff about her identity, saying she was “Kelvey Hart” when asked at the first event to which she was sent by America Rising.  When directly asked who she was and why she was there, Kelvey replied she was there “just to ask some questions of a US Senate candidate.” She asked no questions at all, but stood in the back of the room with a video camera set up on a tripod for the entire event, then took video of the town hall attendees having casual conversation after the town hall.  

Respectfully doing a job, like Tom from America Rising does, is very different from intentionally intimidating and harassing someone and their staff, as Kelvey does.

A more complete account of our interactions with Kelvey is in the videos below, as is other evidence showing the NRSC and Joni Ernst’s campaign hired America Rising to "do research”. This connection to Joni Ernst and the NRSC is unsurprising, and the fact that our right wing opposition are resorting to smear tactics and harassment is a testament to our campaign’s success.

- Kimberly Graham for US Senate Campaign